World class youth centre in Bridgwater

28 Nov 2008 by Karl Hallam

The YMCA in Bridgwater, Somerset, has been successful in a bid to the myplace fund. Cadence worked with our network collaborators LandE and JPC on a play strategy for the local authority and held a consultation at the current YMCA building, so we were pleased to see this announcement.

The BIG Lottery announcement says the centre will feature:

The announcement adds that 'the youth-designed venue - which will be open seven days a week - will be carbon-neutral, using solar panels, wind turbines and biofuel to generate energy and reduce its carbon footprint'. Cadence welcomes the seven-days-a week-aspect, as this is something that has come up time and time again during work on the Blueprint for club-based youth work that we are working on at the moment.

Well done to all those in Sedgemoor who have achieved this success. We also note the successful bid for an amazing-sounding BMX and skateboarding facility in Minehead, Somerset. During our work in the area we estrablished that there was certainly demand for such a facility.

We are also pleased to see that the Play Ranger scheme, which arose out of the Play Strategy and BIG bid, is now active across the area.

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