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29 Jan 2008 by Karl Hallam

CIDS and Cadence Works have been succesful in a bid to develop a Creative Industries Strategy for Derbyshire County Derby City . Previous DCMS Minister James Purnell came up in the interview and so did the new Minister, indirectly. Andy Burnham was of course Chief Secretary to the Treasury whose recent decisions on Arts Council funding has caused such turbulence in the arts world. In Derby the Playhouse has shut.

This change in Whitehall is also significant for Cadence Works' work on sport, where Purnell had made 'sports for sport's sake' noises, resulting in the resignation of the Chair of Sport England. Cadence's work with ippr suggested that the Government should support sport because of it's intrinsic value. As oppose to only justifying it with often spurious instrumental arguments along the lines of sport reduces crime, reduces obesity, brings peace to Middle East ...

Andy Burnham will have his own views on the way forward for sport and culture and from an informed background, but his history of involvement in Supporters Direct and as a previous health minister does hint that he may not be quite so wedded to Purnell's vision of excellence over participation and the wider benefits of sport. Hopefully he will bring some of his ideas about innovation to the department as well.


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