Volunteers and red tape

4 Jun 2008 by Karl Hallam

The Government has announced new guidance on CRB checks for volunteers. It aims to take action on the potential for red tape to act as a barrier to volunteering. Cadence welcome this as this is a real issue in a number of areas we work like sport, play and youth policy.

The Minister, Phil Hope said 'The Government has a duty to protect vulnerable people and CRB checks play an important part in this. However, it is a real waste if volunteers are being put off doing their hugely valuable work because checks are being carried out unnecessarily. Risk has to be managed properly and proportionately and I hope that this guidance will help organisations by giving them a clear step by step process to follow'.

While youth and play organisations are perhaps less daunted by CRB checks, it can really be a significant barrier for sports clubs, where getting coaches can be very difficult. Other work Cadence has carried out suggest the benefits of volunteering go both ways too, with volunteers not only providing useful services, but postive benefits to those who volunteer.




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