Social mobility and Obama 2

10 Nov 2008 by Karl Hallam

Last weeks's Cabinet Office report on social mobility has caused a stir. There is a feeling that the way it was spun to the newspapers lead to a focus on only a small part of the evidence. Or as Danny Dorling puts it in a Compass article - 'Do 3 points make a trend?'.

It is worth reading the whole Dorling article, but some highlights include:

Our, not unique, view was that President-elect Obama needed to take care to manage expectation when inequality and social mobility changes are slow and difficult to achieve and even evaluate.



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Hi there Jake's comments on LBC about caeerrs prompted me to reply on the programme and then contact Futurefirst.As an ex teacher, qualified and experienced caeerrs/education Consultant, I totally agree with the research findings about CEAG being lamentable and failing our youngsters.For this reason, and being Morrisby trained, I put my name on their web site and have seen an increasing number of parents of Year 11s and 12s requesting support and guidance.I should be interested to hear about any developments and strategies your organisation is putting in place to fill the gap of CIAG in schools and colleges. There seems to be a gap in-the-market' now' , particularly for the progression' stages at Year 11 and 12 and I have been particularly interested in developing some of my resources and strategies in this area.I look forward to hearing from someone who might be interested in developing this contact.RegardsRos Lucas BEd MA (Voc Ed & Training)CEG Cert/Performance Coaching DipMorrisby Profiler
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Kudos! What a neat way of thinikng about it.

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