Quality of life and innovation

6 Feb 2008 by Karl Hallam

Cadence Works attended a seminar on some interesting scoping work carried out for CABE Space on the relationship between quality of life and quality of public space. Not surprisingly one of the conclusions of the work was that more research is required, but CABE held the seminar to help them decide how to proceed.

Cadence also met with the Design Council to discuss innovation and in particular how public services can or could benefit from some of the approaches they have had particular success with in private business.

The interesting thing was that the Design Council are working hard with departments like DIUS to bring design into innovation initiatives, whereas, somewhat unbelievably, CABE are trying to put the case together that high quality public spaces improve quality of life.

What might be really innovative was that in 2008 we stopped trying to statistically prove things that everyone knows to be true?

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