Public value and staff engagement

24 Oct 2008 by Karl Hallam

The Work Foundation's recent work on public value is interesting. We like their idea of public services 'hitting the target, but missing the point'. A recent event offered lots of food for thought on, for example 'experience based co-design' (Luton and Dunstable hospital) and a new Permanant Secretary sorting out the Government's Communities department.

There was little talk of failure or risk though. When a private company takes a risk with a product and gets it wrong their sales suffer. When Goverment gets things wrong it can't admit it and often keeps doing it to save face.

Another gem to come out of this event was David Macleod, author of The Extra Mile, story of a Chief Executive announcing the company's vision for the coming year and half the audience nodding while under their breath saying 'good luck mate'. He called this 'consent and evade' ... great concept.

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