Mayors still a good idea

24 Apr 2008 by Karl Hallam

Over the last 10 years every so often a report comes out by a think tank saying that elected Mayors are a good idea. There is a growing body of evidence to support the contention that mayors have enhanced and overseen improvements in local authority performance", says the most recent ippr report.

Cadence agree, but Tony Blair was keen and made no real progress during his time in power and Gordon Brown has shown no appetite for meaningful local government reform. Sheffield and the other core cities are places where ippr think there should be a Mayor, an issue we have written on before, suggesting that moving to a 4 year election cycle might be a more manageable step initially.

Think tanks like ippr don't float ideas without a purpose or thought as to how they might get purchase with the Government, but the popularity of the elected Mayor concept might take a dive if Boris nicks it in a weeks time.

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