Green taxes first victim of political desperation

6 May 2008 by Karl Hallam

One of Gordon Brown's responses to his recent local election poll disaster is to hint that he will veto charges on domestic waste collection and delay fuel duty rises in the autumn.

In the USA, Hillary Clinton is promising a fuel tax 'holiday' for voters in Indiana in her race to be Democrat candidate.

It appears that moves to protect the environment are still a luxury of a booming economy and positive poll ratings. When the going gets tough, the green taxes get going, which is odd in some ways when David Cameron's early popularity was because of his green credentials. Ken Livingstone may have lost, but he did better than the national Labour Party and he has been a lot greener than Brown in terms of congestion charging, regulating buses and promoting cycling.

Whether Hillary Clinton thinks we can take a 'holiday' from the consequences of climate change is not clear, but anyone who thought that environmental issues were a real political priority must have been experiencing an unpleasant reality check this week.


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