Designing out crime initiative

5 Nov 2008 by Karl Hallam

The Home Office is backing an initiative to develop new and innovative design solutions to 'help prevent robbery, to crime-proof hot new gadgets and to embed public safety in the design of new public spaces and housing'. It will focus on crime problems that particularly affect young people. This is interesting to us in the context of a research proposal looking at the relationship between mode of transport and perceptions of young people's behaviour and our work on what makes a great youth club.

The intiative lists various areas of interest, including:

There is no mention of traffic in the press release, but we would presume that this issue would be key in the housing element. They would do well to look at the Appleyard Study, to which we have referred before, which suggests less traffic means more social interaction on a street. This 1969 study was famous for its diagrams showing houses linked by lines showing who knew whom, with lines along and across a street with light traffic flow.

In terms of designing out crime, it does not seem a big leap to think that reducing traffic flows in areas of housing might be a start, does it?

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