Broken society and traffic?

22 Sep 2008 by Karl Hallam

At last! Someone has re-created the seminal 1969 Appleyard and Lintell San Fransisco study in the UK. The original study found, as The Guardian reported, that 'the weight of traffic in urban areas largely determined people's quality of life and also identified a major erosion of community on busy streets'.

The findings of this study have always inspired and fascinated Cadence and prompt the question: How much of a contributory factor is the car to David Cameron's broken society?

The research found, amongst other things, that:

The report said of Heavy Street:

The report said of Light Street:

The 1969 study was famous for its diagrams showing houses linked by lines indicating who knew whom, along and across Light Street.

The researcher, Joshua Hart, said: 'It seems that community and quality of life have been neglected whilst planning and transport policies have led to a massive growth in motor vehicles in the UK.'






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