Public service innovation

17 Jan 2008 by Karl Hallam

Innovation is in the news this week and Cadence Works are doing more work in this area for the National School of Government. We were interested to hear that "Moving up to the next level, however, from good enough to excellent, will require completely new thinking that will challenge the way Whitehall works" according to Chief Secretary to the Treasury Andy Burnham.

In his Guardian article he also said:

These are all the sort of interesting points we might expect a bright young Minister to make and we welcome the sentiments, but our work in this area suggests:

Perhaps this is a little unfair and there are clearly moves in the Civil Service and amongst Senior Ministers to get better at innovation, but embracing innovation will involve accepting mistakes in prevous policy. Governments will need to get better at setting out their goals, but being more open and braver about not controlling the process.



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