Sport and Government

27 Nov 2007 by Karl Hallam

There is some suggestion that the Government are about to change their approach to driving up participation in sport. The Oberver's Whitehall Editor, Jo Revill, piece was headlined "U-turn on 'sport for all' pledge" and suggested that Sport England will be asked to focus on traditional team sports and not, for example, recreational cycling and walking.

It also suggested a cross government review of physical activity, which Cadence welcome. Our work on sport and public policy, with ippr has been quite clear that getting too caught up on sport's abilty to reduce crime, solve the obesity crisis and save Northern Rock (well, perhaps not that one) can be a mistake.

That's not to say that the Home Office, DfT and DCLG do not have significant roles to play in changing levels of physical activity, but one department, DCMS presently, perhaps needs to champion sport for sport's sake.

In James Purnell there is now a Secretary of State responsible for sport who knows that sport is serious, but is also meant to be fun too. We eagerly await an announcement from DCMS. 

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