Link between asthma and obesity

30 Jul 2007 by Karl Hallam

James Rimmer writes

Research recently reported by doctors from King's College London has revealed a possible link between asthma and obesity. According to the research cells in the lungs of asthmatics produce not only proteins that cause the condition but also others that are known to increase appetite.

This research suggests that a public health campaign focused on encouraging people with asthma to be more physically active would not only help to maintain their respiratory well being but would also help to address the gowing problem of obesity. With asthma affecting approximately 1 in 10, and obesity as many as 1 in 4 and rising, a campaign addressing these two issues could make a significant impact on health in the UK. The research also gives all those cyclists with asthma a good reason for stopping to eat cake at cafes ... it's in our genes

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TYVM you've soveld all my problems
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asthma and cakes
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When speaking to the Guardian's David Conn last week about a piece he's doing on sports participation I flagged up the potential public health benefits of making cycling and walking safer. The idea that obesity and asthma can be tackled in tandem adds weight (apologies for the puns) to the this argument.

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