What can enterprise offer young people?

12 Sep 2007 by Sophy Hallam

cadence are looking forward to presenting at the upcoming substance conference ‘beyond engagement’. "From crack den to dragon’s den" is quite a billing for our talk, but gives an opportunity to talk about how setting up a business can appeal to young people, and particularly those for whom education or employment has little appeal.

Its a theme which has had some press recently, as secondary schools are getting an increased budget to teach enterprise and Government programmes such as the Local Enterprise Growth Initiative are investing in programmes to increase something called the 'enterprise culture' among young people.

A report published recently "Mind the Gap" sounds some warning bells however by highlighting the long hours and low pay that young business owners can end up experiencing: “You think the grass is going to be greener on the other side, and it isn’t. I was working 70 hours a week and earning 16K. My dream was destroying my family. I couldn't afford to wait for it to come to good.”  24 year old entrepreneur, Manchester.

These are issues which we look forward to exploring further at our session at the conference using some case studies of people that we've worked with.

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